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Decision Time: Math

So, from what I had been reading, even though opinions do differ, adding some solid math skills to my arsenal would be necessary for data science success (whatever that means). So I wanted to choose a data science-related math specialization (within the Coursera universe, because I get it) that would give me the skills I need. It seemed that there […]

My Progress So Far

I meant to update you (me) more often as to how fast I was moving towards data science glory. But I started studying and got distracted. When I opened up this blog thing about a month ago I had just began the Python For Everybody Specialization from the University of Michigan via Coursera. I was ripping through the first course, […]

Why Data Science?

Why data science? Huh. I don’t know. Well, I have some reasons why I decided to pursue data science with my Covid free time as opposed to the million other subjects that magical facebook ads want to teach me while I don’t have a job. They may not be valid, but these are some of the reasons I’m going in […]