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Comparing Tournament Strength Calculations

Computing my disc golf power rankings is not a super complicated task, but it does have a few steps. I take a player’s placement in a particular tournament and give it a point value. I then adjust that value based on the tournament tier (major, national tour, ‘A’, ‘A/B’ etc. Excludes everything ‘B’ and below). I then alter the value […]

Sponsor Team Rankings V. 1

Each of the major disc manufacturers have attempted to put together a strong stable of players to get out on the courses (and social media) and promote their brands. Which of these teams have found the most tournament success? I totalled the prize money won (as of the end of May, 2021) by sponsored players and this is what I […]

Jared’s Disc Golf Power Rankings V. 5

Even though none of us outside of Santa Cruz could watch it live, Masters Cup caused some interesting movement in my world famous power rankings. (If you are a data science type, I used some beautiful soup, pandas, SQL… y’know. Stuff like that. And, no, I didn’t use them well. I tried though. You can check out what all I […]