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How Much Is a Disposal Worth?

Here I work with play-by-play data through the Australian Football League’s week 21 (795,944 rows of data) to look at how much individual players’ disposals contribute to scoring.1 I take two different approaches. First, I look at how many points disposals translate into. For each player who has at least 400 disposals this year, how many points are scored, on […]

Pythagorean Expectation and Australian Rules Football

Pythagorean expectation, attributed to baseball statistician Bill James is a formula originally used to describe a relationship between the number of runs a baseball team scores and allows, and the team’s winning percentage. The basic formula is… Winning Percentage = (Runs Scored)2/((Runs Scored)2 + (Runs Allowed)2) For example1 , the 2002 New York Yankees scored 897 runs and allowed 697. […]

Comparing Tournament Strength Calculations

Computing my disc golf power rankings is not a super complicated task, but it does have a few steps. I take a player’s placement in a particular tournament and give it a point value. I then adjust that value based on the tournament tier (major, national tour, ‘A’, ‘A/B’ etc. Excludes everything ‘B’ and below). I then alter the value […]

Sponsor Team Rankings V. 1

Each of the major disc manufacturers have attempted to put together a strong stable of players to get out on the courses (and social media) and promote their brands. Which of these teams have found the most tournament success? I totalled the prize money won (as of the end of May, 2021) by sponsored players and this is what I […]

Jared’s Disc Golf Power Rankings V. 1

So about a week ago, this dude Mckay Johns started popping up on my social media feeds talking about sports, and analytics, and sports analytics, and stuff like that. My mind started racing… and here we are. A bunch of days with minimal sleep and an angry girlfriend later… power rankings. (Disc golf talk incoming… if you have arrived here […]

Stuff I learned Doing My Silly Tkinter Cornhole Project

Cornhole, the sport of midwestern American tailgaters, has arrived in Cambodia, kinda. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, meaning you’re in that 80% of my two-person readership [Haven’t gotten to stats yet in my Coursera classes], check out https://www.playcornhole.org/pages/rules for info about the glorious sport of cornhole.) A bar I frequent now has some boards that are getting […]