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How Much Is a Disposal Worth?

Here I work with play-by-play data through the Australian Football League’s week 21 (795,944 rows of data) to look at how much individual players’ disposals contribute to scoring.1 I take two different approaches. First, I look at how many points disposals translate into. For each player who has at least 400 disposals this year, how many points are scored, on […]

Which AFL Kicker-Marker Pairs Have Tallied the Most Forward-50 Marks through round 20?

In this post I am only answering the question in the title. If you are curious How I got to these answers, you can take a look at my notebook on my github (https://github.com/jaredcahners/Round-20-F50-Marking-Pairs). Here is the answer in dataframe form. ‘Count’ is the total number of forward-50 marks a pairing has achieved. Some games were left out of the […]